Town Hall

Town Hall

In 1795, after revolutionary French forces took the City of Luxembourg fortress, the Franciscan friars occupying what is now Place Guillaume II were forced to leave their monastery When Napoleon I visited in 1804, he handed over the monastery to the City of Luxembourg as a gift.

The current Town Hall was constructed by Liège-based architect Justin Remont from 1830-1838. The first meeting of the Communal Council was held on 22 October of that year, chaired by Mayor François Scheffer.

On 15 July 1844, the Town Hall was opened by the King-Grand Duke William II.

The two lions were the work of the Luxembourg sculptor Auguste Trémont and were added in 1938.

Now the Town Hall houses the offices of the central administration and the Council Chamber, which is also used for major national and European ceremonies, such as the signing of the Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community in the fifties, and currently for receiving foreign sovereigns and heads of state visiting Luxembourg

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